I'm Lori

I’m so glad you’re here!

I can’t wait to show you how easy it is to find the root cause of your unexplained symptoms. Not feeling well and not knowing why isn’t your problem anymore.

My Story

I was only 3-years-old when my right lung collapsed and my lifelong battle with breathing, lung disease, and chronic allergies began.

Growing up had its challenges, but after 23-years of prescription antibiotics, prednisone packs, and cortisone shots, a gross imbalance developed within my intestinal system, exhausting my immune and respiratory systems even further.

The climax of my depleted health came on March 25, 1999, a few hours after the birth of my fourth child when my body went into anaphylactic shock, a life threatening allergic reaction.

Ironically, the labor and delivery was without incident and by far the easiest I had experienced. The nurse had taken the baby to the nursery, my husband had gone home to care for our other three children, and I had drifted peacefully off to sleep.

Soon after, I suddenly woke to the feeling that my throat was swelling shut and I could barely breath. I sat up in my bed and realized I couldn’t see because my eyes were also swollen. I reached up to touch my face and felt large welts in my hair. I was in a complete panic.

Fortunately, I fumbled around and found the call button next to my bed and doctors were able to respond quickly with emergency injections and an oxygen machine.

I was monitored through the night; several tests were performed, but the doctors found nothing conclusive.

The next afternoon I was sent home with a new baby, an EpiPen, and no explanation.

I realized then that my personal health was no longer just about me, how I felt, or what I could tolerate.

Instead it was about who would raise my kids if this ever happened again?  

I began opening my mind up to the idea that there must be something more, something better, than what the medical specialists and prescription drugs were offering. I appreciated them for the immediate relief they could bring, but for me the temporary fixes never came with long-term results.

Since that day, I’ve been researching, experimenting, and exploring alternative health therapies and successfully implementing them into my own life, and the lives of my family, with indisputable results.

LANG Wellness

In 2012, after years of continued education and completing various certifications, I started LANG Wellness (an acronym of my initials) and began working, one-on-one, with clients who also reported profound results.

Witnessing these results, and feeling their purpose, inspired me to create the online Symptoms-2-Systems™ (s2s) analysis along with 10 easy-to-follow protocols so you, and those you love, can feel better too.

I can’t wait for you to get started!

In just 10 minutes, you get 10 scores.
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