Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if my s2s™ analysis scores are similar or tied? Open or Close

    Don't worry! This can happen when you rate the majority of your symptoms with the same priority. For example, you may have chosen "moderate" for many of the questions. Also, because many symptoms overlap with other systems, you may find close scores or some even tied. Simply choose the protocol that identifies the symptoms that bother you most. Strengthening one system can automatically begin to strengthen others. Win-Win!

  • How are your programs unique or different from everyone else? Open or Close

    The most unique parts of my program are the s2s™ analysis, 5-Point-Protocols™, and the EmotionalCounterbalancing™ technique.

    • The s2s™ analysis is a proprietary program that calculates the combination of your unique symptoms to determine your weakest body systems. See "How It Works" page for details.
    • Once you determine your “weak spot” using the s2s™ analysis, the LANG Wellness 5-Point-Protocols™ teach you how to strengthen your weak systems through five different, but complimenting, starting points. You pick which starting point(s) feels most comfortable for you.
    • The EmotionalCounterbalancing™ technique is an exclusive method I created for helping myself, and clients, effectively manage emotional stress. Anxiety, depression, anger, resentment, jealousy, fear… these are just a few of the negative emotions you might be holding onto (sometimes unknowingly) that contribute to your unexplained symptoms.


  • Is there any proof that your programs work? Open or Close

    Every LANG Wellness program (protocol) has a complete list of references from various medical journals, case studies, and articles used in my research to support my findings. But the real proof is in the success of my clients. You can read their testimonials on the Success Stories page. 

  • What is a "protocol"? Open or Close

    A protocol is a plan or program designed to improve your health. 

    LANG wellness protocols focus on 5 different starting points (areas) to help balance and improve the function of your weak body system(s). 


  • What are the “5 Starting Points”, or areas of focus, within the protocols? Open or Close

    Each LANG Wellness protocol focuses on five different but complimenting areas to help rebalance and strenghten your weak body system(s). The five areas include: 

    1. Foods

    “Every time you eat or drink, you're either feeding disease or fighting it.” Through my certification in Holistic Nutrition, along with years of self-experimentation, I’ve cultivated a deep understanding of food and its ability to either heal or harm our bodies. 

    In this section you’ll learn:

    • Top proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for strengthening and balancing specific body systems
    • Symptoms of over/under eating
    • 5 steps for optimal digestion
    • Food layering strategies
    • Specific foods and habits to avoid for each body system
    • Bonus download:
    • The LANG Wellness food chart of proteins, carbs, and fats

    2. Herbs

    My first experience with herbology was with a practitioner named Harriet in the summer of 2004. After my evaluation she sent me home with hand written instructions, a few liquid tinctures, several bags of loose herbs, and a pill making kit. I spent hours in my kitchen learning to fill empty pill capsules with various dried herbs. Keeping track of which pills to take, in conjunction with making new ones took effort, but what I learned from her helped me (and my children) tremendously. 

    In this section you'll learn:

    • What are herbs?
    • Top herbs for balancing each body system
    • The difference between single herbs and combination formulas
    • Reputable brands of herbs for recommendation

    Don’t worry...This section doesn't require that you make your own pills! 

    3. Vitamins/Supplements

    If you're deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, you’re going to experience unwanted symptoms. In an ideal world, you’d get all your nutrition from food, but unless you live in a toxic free environment, get plenty of sunshine, and eat only organic and nutrient dense food, you probably need a supplement or two. 

    In this section you'll learn:

    • Top supplements for supporting, balancing, and/or cleansing each body system
    • Options for single ingredient and combination formulas
    • Reputable brands of vitamins and supplements for recommendation

    4. Essential Oils

    Pure essential oils have the ability to pass through the skin, directly into the bloodstream, and deliver powerful benefits. It’s like getting a shot without the needle! 

    In this section you’ll learn:

    • What are essential oils?
    • Various grades of essential oils
    • Essential oils vs. carrier oils
    • The 3 application models
    • Specific oils for balancing each body system
    • Bonus download:
    • The LANG Wellness essential oils reference chart

    5. Emotions

    Emotional stress is often the root cause of dis-EASE and learning to manage it is vital to your physical health. Stress, anxiety, depression, and many other negative emotions can keep you from feeling your best in spite of your efforts with the other starting points of your protocol. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to attend several trainings, workshops, and certification programs centered around the connection between emotional and physical health. Through my experience I’ve developed a simple technique called Emotional Counterbalancing™. 

    In this section you’ll learn:

    • The LANG Wellness Emotional Counterbalancing™ technique
    • The 3 R’s. How to Recognize, Release, and Replace negative emotions
    • The “freezer journal” strategy
    • How to “make a statement” strategy
    • Specific emotions that affect each body system
    • Bonus download:
    • The LANG Wellness EmotionalCounterbalancing™ reference chart with corresponding symptoms.

    I’ve seen many clients enjoy tremendous results focusing on emotional stress alone.


  • Are you sponsored by the companies or products you recommend? Open or Close

    No. My opinions and recommendations are based solely on my personal experience and experimentation.

    However, I am a proud affiliate of Amazon. This means if you choose to purchase a product through my link, I may receive a small commission. Product links are provided for your convenience and will not change the price for you. Most products I recommend are also available at local health food stores or direct from manufacturer websites.

  • Why should I purchase a protocol when I can research information myself? Open or Close

    I encourage everyone to do their own personal research but the number of options (and opinions) you'll find can be overwhelming and often conflicting. My goal is to save your sanity, and time, by narrowing down hundreds of options into 3-5 great choices for each starting point of your protocol. I'm basically providing you with my “Cliff Notes” of nearly 20 years of personal research, experimentation, and experience. In addition, I designed each protocol to be used without the assistance of doctors, practitioners, therapists, or coaches. PLUS, you'll also learn techniques for managing emotional stress that even google doesn't know. :)

  • Is every protocol different? Open or Close

    Yes. Each protocol is specific to the body system it addresses. No two protocols are exactly the same. However, certain information is relevant for all systems so it will appear in more than one protocol.

  • What if your protocol doesn't work for me? Open or Close

    Every protocol includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

    As someone who has spent a lot of time and money working to improve my health, I understand how frustrating it can be to invest in yet another “plan” only to be disappointed with results. That’s why my LANG Wellness 5-Point-Protocols come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you put forth the effort, follow the advice, and come away without feeling any improvement, please write me within 30 days of your completed 12-week protocol for a full refund. I require a detailed explanation of what area(s) you focused on and what was not successful for you so I can continue to improve.




  • Do you offer private consultations? Open or Close

    At this time, I'm working hard to put all my best advice into easily accesible and affordable programs that can reach more people. Therefore, I'm no longer offering private consultations.

    HOWEVER, when you purchase any one of my protocols, you have the option to add 12 WEEKS of follow up email support and accountability. I'll also be sharing extra tips, stategies and inspiration to help you along the way.


  • What's behind the name "LANG Wellness"? Open or Close

    "LANG" is simply an acronym of my initials. Lori Ann Nelson Gehring. 

  • LANG Wellness 5 Point Protocols can help you if… Open or Close
    • You’ve seen your doctor but continue to suffer from strange symptoms or unexplained illness.
    • You're lab results are “normal” but you still don’t feel right.
    • You’re ready to take responsibility for your health.
    • You’re patient and willing to learn.
    • You're open to alternative health solutions.


  • Save your money if… Open or Close
    • You’re looking for professional medical advice. I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. For diagnosis and treatment of any illness or disease, please consult your physician.
    • You’re expecting a “magic pill” or quick fix. 3x’s a day for 10 days is not the prescription you’ll find here. I suggest you give each protocol 12 weeks then re-evaluate your symptoms. Some symptoms will improve much faster while others may take longer. 12 weeks is going to pass no matter what. Make the most of it!
    • You're not open to natural or alternative healing. LANG Wellness protocols focus on foods, herbs, vitamins/supplements, essential oils, and emotions. If you're not interested in the types of benefits these therapies can provide, this might not be for you.
    • You want services covered by insurance. LANG Wellness services/protocols/programs are for educational purposes only and are not covered by insurance.


  • Disclaimer Open or Close

    LANG Wellness protocols and the s2s™  analysis are solely intended as education and information, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or disease. Readers are advised to consult their doctor for specific health questions. Neither LANG Wellness or Lori Gehring take responsibility for possible health consequences of any person following the information in the protocols or for readers who chose to self-prescribe. All persons, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their doctor before beginning any nutrition or supplement program.