How it works:


Step 1: Find it

The Symptoms-2-Systems™ analysis starts by rating 85 symptoms on a scale of 0-3, based on frequency and/or priority.

Each symptom will be assigned a numeric value based on your rating.

This value will be added to each of the 10 body systems that correspond with each symptom.

Your 10 body systems are:

1. Digestive system
2. Intestinal system
3. Circulatory system
4. Nervous system
5. Lymphatic system
6. Respiratory system
7. Urinary system
8. Endocrine system
9. Structural system
10. Reproductive system

Some symptoms, like “general fatigue”, are a sign of imbalance in five out of the ten body systems while other symptoms, like “dry and brittle hair”, point to imbalance in only two out of the ten body systems.

Your individual results are calculated based on the value (frequency + priority) you assign each symptom, along with YOUR unique combination of symptoms.

Here’s an example of how combining symptoms can determine weak systems:

To keep it simple, we’ll use only 3 symptoms.
Assume they were rated the same for frequency/priority, and we’ll call this person “Jane”.

Jane suffers from general fatigue, anxiety, and brittle hair.

General fatigue is a symptom of imbalance in five out of the ten body systems.

Anxiety is also a symptom of imbalance in five out of the ten systems, but shares only four of the same systems (overlap) with general fatigue.

Brittle hair is a symptom of imbalance in two out of the ten body systems but only has one system in common (overlap) with general fatigue and anxiety.

General fatigue = digestive, intestinal, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine
General fatigue + anxiety = digestive, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine
General fatigue + anxiety + dry brittle hair = endocrine

The endocrine system, which is in charge of releasing hormones, is the only system all three symptoms have in common. Therefore, based on the combination of Jane’s symptoms, we can assume that the endocrine system is Jane’s weak spot and needs her attention.

Your Symptom-2-System™ analysis goes well beyond this example by calculating the combination of 85 different symptoms, along with their values, to give you pinpointed results.


Step 2: Fix it

Match your highest score with the 5 Point Protocol™ designed for that system.

Download your protocol and follow the instructions.

What’s a protocol?


Step 3: Feel Better

Give yourself 12 weeks to rebalance your weak system(s) using the strategies you’ll learn within the protocols.
Some symptoms will heal much faster, while others may take longer. Remember to be patient with the process and share your results with us!

In just 10 minutes, you get 10 scores.
One for each body system.