Why It's So Important To Never Stop Learning...

It's my belief that there are only two things you take with you after this life…relationships and knowledge.

If you are open to this belief, then you will understand the importance of always learning.

While growing up my kids would sometimes ask why they needed to take geometry, physics or biology, if they don’t plan on being a scientist or a doctor? Or why take piano, painting, or sculpting if they’re never going to be a musician or artist?

I'd explain to them that every single thing they learn now will be of use to them later, if not in this life, then the next. The more you learn in the present, the less "homework" you'll have later!

I also take great comfort in the fact that I believe our minds store every bit of information we learn, whether we remember it now or not.

I have bookshelves full of books I’ve read and if you were to quiz me on most of them, I’d fail miserably. I can’t remember a fraction of what I read (I wasn’t blessed with a photographic memory…or even a good memory at that) but every once in a while some piece of information I learned long ago will surface at just the moment I need it.

Like a computer hard drive, everything we learn gets stored and filed away somewhere in our mind. Someday, when we learn the “password” to our own subconscious, we will be able to “pull up” all our files without a single glitch!

What an amazing day that will be!! 

I can hardly wait...