The hard, and humiliating, lesson I learned from this common cosmetic procedure

This is me, on a I took a shower and washed my hair day, along with great lighting and a professional photographer. But more often you’ll find me looking similar to the way I woke up. Little makeup. Ponytail. Stretchy pants. Cozy socks.

It was one of those mornings a few years ago when I rolled out of bed, looked in the mirror, and wondered “when on earth did I develop jowls?!?”.You know, that sagging skin along the jawline.

I remember my late grandma Moody pulling that look off like a champ, but I didn’t want to look like my great grandma just yet.

So I did what any middle-aged, perimenopausal, ripe for a mid-life crisis, female would do…

I made a TOP SECRET appointment with my doctor. The hubs was out of town, kids were all at was the perfect plan. 

I was all ears when she suggested a quick fix by injecting a “filler” into the area around my jaw. She said it would provide a subtle lift to the face as it filled out the sagging skin. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous but for the sake of my ego, I decided to go for it.

What happened next, surprised us all...

I went home and within a few hours my face had swollen into a distorted shape like something you’d see on snapchat. Only this was real life and I didn’t know how long it would last or how severe it would get.

I called my doctor, explained my situation, and they asked that I text a picture right away. I took a selfie for that purpose and that purpose only and deleted it shortly after.

I NEVER wanted anyone to see this photo! The thought of that was pure humiliation.

My doctor had me come in right away where once again I received the oh-so-familiar cortisone shot to the butt and was prescribed a prednisone pack. (see my story about growing up with severe allergies)

Thank goodness my husband was out of town and didn’t witness the disaster I had gotten myself into.

As for the teenage children who lived in my house and therefore could not be avoided…I lied.

Something about a dentist, wisdom know.

Fortunately, the steroids kicked in and caused the swelling to go down and my face was back to normal in just a few days. 

About a year later, I discovered that my youngest daughter (sassy sis), had swiped a copy of that shameful selfie from my phone and had been using it as my caller ID!!

How many of her friends had seen this?? I was so furious I began thinking of all the ways I could dispose of her body.

Years have gone by and lucky for her, I’ve gotten over it. In fact, I’m sorta glad to have this photo as a reminder of my experience.

Sharing this isn’t easy but I’m here to help you and that starts with me being real, and honest, about my own insecurities and struggles.

Plus, when I tell you I have unexplained and strange allergic reactions, I mean...

I. Have. Strange. Allergic. Reactions.


Don't judge

Lessons learned:

  • Growing up with chronic allergies is something I should always consider before trying anything new. Even though my systems are much stronger now, I can’t take my health for granted.
  • It’s hard to keep up with the Kardashians when you’re allergic to fillers. SOL sister. 
  • Whenever you think you’re doing something that no one will know about…be prepared for the day when everyone will.