Meet my favorite clients: ROB (the hubs)

I don’t recall the reason why, but back in 2002 I decided my husband needed to take oil of oregano… in large doses.

If you’ve ever taken oil of oregano, you understand why large doses are not a good idea.

But what started as a big mistake turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Soon after taking my “prescription,” Rob broke out into lesions (dry scaly patches) all over his body. He’s a guy who’s rarely sick and doesn’t  have a high tolerance for it, so this didn’t go over very well.

I tried many topical treatments to eliminate the lesions but nothing worked. He could hide most of it with pants and long sleeves, but at the time we lived in Arizona and scorching hot weather was around the corner.

Feeling frustrated, (and maybe a little irritated with me) he decided to see a dermatologist. When they examined his skin they noticed a mole on his back that looked interesting but not alarming. Because the doctor had an intern shadowing him that day, he decided to take the mole to demonstrate the procedure.

A few days later, this doctor called me at home after failing to reach Rob directly at work.

He said I needed to find Rob and have him call right away or I’d be “looking for a new husband.”

Although it was aggressive bedside manor, it definitely put me into action.

The lab results found the mole to be a melanoma on the verge of stemming down. The doctor explained to me that once a cancerous melanoma stems down and spreads, it’s victim is usually out of options and life expectancy is a few short months.

Rob went in immediately and a wide and deep area of skin was removed which successfully eradicated the cancer.

As soon as that procedure was complete, the strange lesions Rob originally went in for disappeared without treatment, never to return.

Thank you oil of oregano and strange skin lesions for forcing my husband to see a dermatologist. It literally saved his life.

Lessons learned:

  • Oil of oregano contains potent antibacterial and antiviral properties which are excellent for a variety of uses. I take it often, especially during cold and flu season, to help prevent illness. However, too much at once can cause unpleasant detoxifying effects. Start with one drop per day under the tongue or diluted in water.
  • Do not hesitate to seek professional medical help when needed. It could save your life.