MATTISYN: How she fought infertility and won

When did you first learn that you were dealing with infertility?

I had a feeling something wasn’t right because we had been trying for a while and nothing had happened.

Every time I heard someone else announce they were pregnant, I was happy for them, but it killed me inside because it wasn’t happening for me.

We finally decided to seek medical help. In September of 2014, after many tests, we got the answer that it was my husband with the issue. 

My husband was born without the vas tubes that carry the sperm out, and there isn’t a surgery to fix it, so if we want to have kids of our own, our only alternative is IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

What procedures are involved in IVF?  

During IVF you do countless shots, progesterone pills, and some other fun things but that’s a given going through IVF. It’s hard on the body so I wanted to make sure my body was prepared and that I was mentally prepared.

How did you pay for your IVF treatments?

When we found out that we would have to go through fertility treatments to start our family one of my first responses was "We don't have $10,000+ to start this,” but we wanted a baby more than anything.

My mother-in-law would make these blankets, and we all had them and loved them. My mom made me take sewing classes every summer when I was younger, so I thought "what if I tried making blankets and selling them at a local fall boutique?"

I sewed all night for two months straight (after working at a dental office all day) to get ready for this 3-day boutique and I sold out in the first day. I couldn't believe it. People loved these blankets so much!

I had no intention to start a business, but that’s how Cozys got started.

I definitely didn't imagine that it would be where it is today, but I’m so grateful and blessed that it enabled us to afford the necessary treatments and will provide for us again on our next round of IVF. 

Aside from IVF, what alternative health options did you explore?

After our first round of IVF, we ended up with 3 embryos. On our first transfer, we used 2, but my body didn’t accept them.

Having only one embryo left, I knew this was my last chance so when I prepared for the transfer I knew I needed to do something different.

Something needed to change because this had to work!

That’s when I decided to look into alternative health and I started with acupuncture.

One of my friends also referred me to this guy that studied Chinese medicine/homeopathy for 17 years and he put me on some herbs and supplements.

I started eating cleaner, meditating, and tried not to be around negative people or let myself go towards any negative thoughts. This is where you (Lori) really helped me.

I felt less tired and overall healthier going into our last transfer and it worked!

Being pregnant was really great for me, the easiest pregnancy and I enjoyed every second of it. I loved feeling her kick and knowing she was safe and so close to me.

I truly believe that feeling less stress and taking supplements played its part in preparing my body for pregnancy.

Describe your feelings when you held your baby for the first time…

It was the best feeling in the whole world.

I just stared at her and couldn't stop crying.

MATTISYN: How she fought infertility and won with alternative therapy help

She wouldn't let go of my finger with her tiny hand and she was so quiet and calm.

If I could, I would relive that moment every day.

Everything we went through, so many shots, doctors appointments, tears, heartache, it was more than worth it! 

Tell me about your life right now. What’s your typical day look like?

Right now seems like its nonstop every second of every day.

Owning my own business and being a mom to a busy toddler is stressful at times, but I'm so grateful that I get to do both from home and not have to be away from Austyn.

My typical day usually consists of breakfast, taking Austyn to swim lessons, shipping Cozys orders, playing with Austyn, more Cozys, nap time, going through Cozys inventory, lunch, more Cozys, playing with Austyn, Cozys, my husband comes home, and sometimes more Cozys! Finally, we relax as a family and wind down before bedtime. 

My husband and I try to take little mini vacations here and there to recoup and get time where we can focus on just us and aren't distracted by work or a baby wanting us every second. :)

Life is busy, but we love it.

What is your biggest health concern now?

I feel like I am pretty healthy for the most part but my biggest concern is that our next round of IVF doesn't go the way we want it to.

I don't want to put that out there like that, but that thought will always be in the back of our heads because there's always that chance that it won't work or we don't get enough embryos.

I try to be positive because there’s really no reason to dwell/stress about the negative or what if.

We will cross that bridge if it happens.

What advice would you give to someone struggling with infertility? 

Everything will be okay. Even though you don't know when or if you're going to be a mom that it will happen when you least expect it or the way it is supposed to.

I wish I could hope to get pregnant naturally, but there's no fixing my husbands’ issue.

We will have to go through IVF anytime we want to have kids, but I have come to peace with that news and just know that’s what we have to do!

I feel like the quicker you can accept your situation the better off you will be mentally about everything and the whole process. 

I was devastated that our first transfer didn't work, but down to the day we found out we were pregnant, she literally couldn't have come at a more perfect time in our lives. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Don't give up! Infertility is rough and will most likely be one of the hardest things you will go through, but once you hold your angel baby it is more than worth it! 


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