I'm not AFRAID anymore

All my life I suffered from chronic lung disease, allergies, and respiratory infections, but from 1998-2001 I was in unusually desperate condition.

Every single thing I ate or drank would cause my body to break out into a severe case of hives and my respiratory system would start to shut down.

Sometimes the rashes were little red circles with white dots in the middle and other times they were large puffed up patches of bright red. Either way, they felt like fire on my skin and would cause my lungs to swell so much that I had great difficulty breathing.

Everyday, for years, I was afraid to eat for fear of my body’s reaction

If I knew I had to go to my kids school or be anywhere in public, I wouldn’t eat so that no one would stare at the red lumps allover my face and neck or be worried that I had something contagious.

I spent a lot of time crying, rubbing my skin down with ice, and wondering why this was happening to me

I felt so sick some days that I could barely function and had a hard time taking care of my kids.

The only solution my doctors could provide were prednisone packs, cortisone shots, antibiotics and breathing machines. Sometimes these drugs would provide relief for as long as two weeks and my hopes would rise thinking the nightmare was over. But after the drugs wore off, my symptoms always came back with a fury.

Many years of researching, experimenting, seeing specialist, allergy tests, elimination diets, herbs, supplements, nutrition and emotional therapy, went into my healing process. 

In short, today I can eat anything I want without having any allergic reactions!

Does that mean I eat whatever I want, whenever I want? Not exactly. Just because I don’t react with hives and swollen lungs, doesn’t mean I don’t feel a little “off” if I eat too much junk food. But because I'm much stronger, healthier and more balanced than I use to be, if I do indulge, it doesn’t completely sabotage my health like it would have in the past. And that is a wonderful thing!!